10 Accessories for Math and Science Geeks


Sometimes geeks can be quite hard to find a good gift for.  Luckily I’ve developed a list aimed at the math and science geek of accessories to add to your inventory.  Each one of them is sure to bring a smile and some joy to that geek in your life.  Or they could also easily be that little treat you get yourself.

1) Math Clock – Why should you look up at your clock and just see the answer?  You could easily keep your mind sharp with this clock.

math closk

2) Periodic Table Shower Curtain – You know those times that you need to study your elements but you should probably also take a shower before going out?  Why not do both at the same time?

shower curtains

3) Pi ice tray – Why would you drink a warm beverage that should be cooled?  That would be irrational!  You know what else is irrational? The fact you don’t have any pi ice.

 Pi Ice Tray


4) Math Infinity Scarf – Why not be fashionable while you reveal in your geekery?  This is a great way to stay fashionable and not get too chilled.

Math Infinity Scarf

5) Drop the Base Shirt – You don’t even need an expensive subwoofer to drop the base…but a good flask might come in handy.

Drop the Base Shirt

6) Pi Earrings – Why not stay classy while also letting those around you that your math skills are elite?

Pi Earrings

7)  Equation Bow Tie – But you know, looking classy while attending a cocktail party isn’t only for the women.

 Equation Bow Tie

8) Chemistry Cup – Not only is it a great way to let people know that you like your chemistry, but you can also enjoy the reference to a certain show.

Chemistry Cup

9)  Quadratic Equation Women’s Boy Shorts – Of course there may be an occasion that you’d like to keep your nerdy ways hidden from all but a very select few.

Quadratic Equation Women’s Boy Shorts

10) Math Ornament – Perhaps you just want to have a little fun with the holiday season.

 Math Ornament


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